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Mary A. & Otto J. Oblak

My father & mother chose Stow as their first and only home in the early
1940's. A key part of their decision was the good reputation of Stow's public
school system. My father worked to provide for the family; and my mother,
fully occupied at home with four sons, was an active volunteer supporter of
the Stow schools. She participated in the Stow Parent Teachers Association
from first grade until the four of us graduated from high school. I should
like to dedicate a memorial contribution in the names of my parents.

Ruth M. Lee 5/24/22 - 1/12/99

Ruth was the wife of William C. Lee,
class of 1941. She graduated from Hudson
High  school also in 1941. They were
married 56 years and had three children,
six grandchildren and
seven great-grandchildren.
Bud Peterman '63

He was the brother I never
had and my best friend.
I think of him often.  

Bob Cooper '63
Peggy Wilt '63

A real sweetheart from
Munroe Falls, we
lost her way too soon.  

Bob Cooper '63
Dave Wooley '63

One of the nicest guys in the
class of 1963. We had some great
times at Munroe Falls Park.

Bob Cooper '63

If you would like to make a donation to the Stow High School Alumni Association Scholarship Fund in the name of a friend or loved one,
please send your check to:

Stow High School Alumni Association
P.O.Box 2626
Stow, OH  44224

You may include a written tribute, and if you would like to have a photo of the honoree included, you can either mail it with your
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Cropped Mom
John M. Oblak
Bud Peterman
Dave Wooly
Prggy Wilt

In memory of
Barbara Cargould
Cuyahoga Falls High School
Class of 1979

wife of

Bryan Cargould
Stow High School
Class of 197
Red Pattern
In memory of Stow coach and
teacher, Harold Sloop, an icon in
many of our eyes.

Gerald Bond '63
Peggy Wilt
Art Derr
Peggy Wilt '63

A good friend. "Cheered together. There is
hardly a day that I don't think of her. That is
45 years. I just retired but my specialty was
Mammography. Every day I thought of her.
She passed away because of breast cancer. I
went that extra mile for my patients
always with her on my mind.
She will always be in my heart.

Judy Vance Rogerson '63
Artie Derr '63

A great guy, sense of humor.
Always a laugh on his face.
You can't think of Artie
without seeing Joyce. A great

Judy Vance Rogerson '63

Penny Stegal '63

Great smile! She had a car and we always
had to say "you can make it, you can
make it" up the hill on Smith Road going
to Summit Mall. Alice Kelly, Patricia
Cook and I had a great time with Penny.

Judy Vance Rogerson '63

Ruth LeePenny Stegal