Your Board Of Officers For 2014-2015


President - Cheryl Hanna
1st Vice President - Bob Platt

2nd Vice President - Bob Cooper
Secretary - Mary Helton Hudson
Treasurer - Buzz Hudson

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Alumni HistoryOur first meeting was in May 2005 when nine people came together with the idea of forming an alumni association. Four years later we now have over 300 members! If you are an alumnus of Stow Munroe Falls High School, we would like to encourage you to join. A lifetime membership to the Alumni Association is only $28.00 with $3.00 going to a scholarship fund. It is the surest way to be located by your class reunion committee and stay up to date with your alma mater's activities. Also, it becomes much easier to participate in Association events.

There is no fee for those alumni who are over 65 years old. Also, married Stow alumni can join for the same $28.00 lifetime fee. Even if you attended Stow High School but did not graduate from Stow, you are welcome to join us!

The Association was founded to provide a number of services to its alumni.  At an impromptu meeting in May of 2005, a number of people got together to talk about how classes can work together to assist in locating former classmates.  From there, the Association was born.

We invited members from schools that had Associations and quickly discovered how valuable an Association is to their respective schools and communities. The By-Laws of our Association clearly state our objectives:

(A) To promote the good name, image, and well-being of Stow-Munroe Falls High School, its' students and graduates.

(B) To develop a spirit of cooperation between Stow-Munroe Falls High School, its students and graduates.

(C) The objective of this Association are promoted through an educational, social and
service-oriented program directed toward Stow-Munroe Falls High School, its students and graduates.  
Our initial focus is on fund raising so that we could have available funds to be in a position to provide scholarships, help those in need and participate in community projects. In addition, we will be publishing a semi-annual newsletter to all members.  One of our primary objectives is to locate as many classmates as possible and to maintain a directory that anyone can access to locate a classmate.  We intentionally kept our membership dues low to attract as many classmates as possible.  Membership dues are only $28.00 for a lifetime membership with $3.00 of the $28.00 going directly into the scholarship fund.

This year  we presented two Stow Munroe Falls High School Alumni Association Scholarships for $1500.00 each.  Our goal is to increase the amount as we gain members.  Last year (2008) we were in a position to provide financial assistance to several alumni families who were faced with overwhelming medical bills. We also gave Christmas gift cards to four needy seniors.  We made holiday donations to the Akron-Canton Regional Foodbank and St. Bernard's Church in Akron for their program to feed the needy. We hope to be able to do more of this throughout the years to come.

From a social perspective, the Association has an objective to provide a social outlet for the membership. All work and no play is not what we are looking to achieve.